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Grammar for Accurate Writing

Grammar for accurate writing Grammatical mistakes can detract from the content of a document and from an organisation's professional image.

Why do my employees need this course?

This course is designed for
Anyone who has to write formal documents at work and anyone who feels insecure about their knowledge of formal English grammar.

What You Can Gain:
Participants will gain confidence in writing. We can show them that by following a few simple and easy-to-learn principles, they will be able to write naturally and fluently, without making mistakes.

The accurate grammar course outline

What we cover
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • simple, compound and complex sentences
  • language myths and taboos
  • following the rules
  • ignoring some rules
  • my husband and I or my husband and me? To whom? Or To who?
  • frequently confused words
  • punctuation
  • good writing habits, finding the core of the sentence

This course can run over one or two days. On the two-day programme, participants are able to work on their own and company documents.

In-company, for groups of up to twelve, the fees are around 115 per participant. For small groups the fees per person are proportionally more; please contact us for a quotation.

We can also work with you one-to-one on your documents at an hourly rate of 85.

If you would like to book a grammar for accurate writing course, or talk to us about your documents, please contact us for further information.

See what you can learn from the course