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We run bespoke writing training courses nationwide.

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Professional Writing Courses Are your employees’ letters and reports fluent and natural sounding?

Do their documents convey the message clearly and concisely and do they contribute positively to your organisation's image?

Too frequently, business letters and reports are written in an alienating, formal style, and because they are poorly structured, they do not guide the reader through the content.

When employees communicate clearly and concisely, the entire organisation benefits and so do its customers.

Why do my employees need writing training?

Although writing is an important part of working life, few employees receive help with documents or writing guidance. Many employees admit that they feel insecure about their grammar and writing skills.

And when we feel insecure, we tend to use overly formal phrases that leave the reader with a negative impression of the writer and the company. Because most people find writing reports difficult, they end up writing reports that are difficult to read. Sometimes report writing is made more difficult because the writer includes too much information, or information that is not arranged logically.

Unclear writing creates confusion, leading to more enquires for clarification, errors and complaints. All of these consume valuable company time.

The Write Way writing training courses help participants gain confidence in writing.

In a few easy-to-learn steps, we can show your employees how to write quickly, naturally and fluently.

The benefits of investing in writing training

We guarantee that if your employees follow the writing guidelines we cover on our courses, your organisation will:

  • save time, effort and money
  • develop more effective and efficient work practices
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • enjoy a better public image.

A plain English style is much easier to write and immediately creates a more helpful impression of the writer and their organisation.

Companies who do invest in training see the benefits when this confidence in writing is put into practice. Time is not wasted in the writing process or in clearing up confusion created by unclear texts.

What we cover on business, letter and report writing courses

Our writing training helps writers to:
  • produce natural and fluent text quickly and easily
  • use reader friendly words and phrases
  • write in a way that creates a positive impression
  • select the appropriate style and tone for the topic and reader
  • avoid common mistakes to produce accurate, clear documents.
We cover a number of principles that the participants can use straight away in their own documents.

Our writing courses

We run a wide range of professional English writing courses for all types of organisations to help individuals and teams produce clear, accurate and effective documents that can create a good impression.

Plain English writing courses
writing in plain English
writing effective audit reports
writing plain legal documents

Professional and Business English writing courses
how to write professional letters
writing effective reports
writing clear procedures and end-user manuals

On-line Business writing collaboration
We can work on your documents with you online

Other work-related writing courses
grammar course for accurate writing
train your trainers
international business English
one-to-one writing consultations

Why choose us to lead your writing training programme?
Our lead writing trainers have over 28 years' experience in training individuals to communicate in writing efficiently and effectively. We make sure that our courses are interactive, hands-on and enjoyable. Please see our feedback to read the positive comments our participants have made over the years.

Writing courses tailored to your needs
Because no two companies or individuals are the same, we tailor each writing course to meet the particular writing needs of your organisation and we build our courses around your own documents.

Individual assessment
We provide a brief assessment of each participant's writing style and produce exercises based on their work. We ask you to send us a few documents in Word format two weeks before the course date. We then use these documents as part of the training programme.

We treat all documents as confidential.

General writing training information

In-company writing training
We send our trainers to you. We ask you to provide a U-shaped room with desks, a digital projector, flipchart and refreshments.

Small group writing training
We can organise courses for any size group, up to a maximum of 12 participants on any course.

Interactive writing training
Our writing workshops are all built on interesting 'hands-on' practice. The style is informal and our trainers encourage participation with practical work, quizzes and group work.

Free writing guidelines
We provide easy-to-follow 'clear writing guidelines' as part of the course material.

Follow-up after your writing course
We offer, an optional tailor-made follow-up service to deal with new documents produced by your employees.

Costs of writing courses
Our courses run over one or two days. On the two-day programme, participants are able to work on their own letters and reports and on company documents.

In-company, the fee depends on the group size; we would be pleased to give you a quotation by e-mail or telephone. For customised, one-to-one writing training, the daily rate is £650.

One-to-one writing consultations
We can work with you on a one-to-one basis at your premises to show you how to create an appropriate written tone in your documents. For this service, we charge an hourly rate, plus our writer's travel expenses. Please contact us for details.

When your employees write in a confident clear style, the entire organisation benefits.

To book a writing course or to find out how we can help you make your documents clear and concise, please contact us.

If you are not sure whether an investment in writing training would improve the image that your organisation creates in letters, e-mails and reports, send us some of your documents and we will be pleased to return them with comments and sample edits, free of charge.

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