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Plain Legal Language Writing

Plain legal English writing courses By law, UClA documents have to be clearly worded; by right, all legal documents should be clearly worded to ensure that all parties have equal and ready understanding of the content.

Most legal practices now recognise the marketing advantages of adopting a plain English style when:

  • tendering for work
  • appealing to clients
  • drafting documents.

Course Outline

Course Designed for
lawyers who recognise the limitations of legal jargon and want to adopt a clearer and more effective style of communication.

Our courses we show delegates how current legal drafting frequently contravenes all principles of plain language, and we practise clear writing techniques by looking specifically at:

Course Outline

  • word choice, register, and legalese - answering the critics of plain language;
  • redundant words and phrases;
  • sentence construction, weighting and length;
  • passives, nominalisations and negatives;
  • signals and constructions which drive the reader through the text.

All the writing principles we present and practise on the course are based on recent readability research.

Our legal trainer
Our legal trainer is a practising solicitor and author of many published articles on plain legal language. He has many years hands-on experience dealing with legal documents and legal groups and enjoys the challenge of convincing lawyers that they can write legal documents in language that is clear in its legal meaning and easily understandable, and without archaic, obscure words.

This course can run over one or two days. On the two-day programme, participants have the opportunity to work on their own and on company documents.

In-company, for groups of six or more participants, we charge 395 per person per day, with a lower daily participant rate for larger groups.

We can also work with you one-to-one on your documents at an hourly rate of 85.

If you would like to book a plain legal writing course, or talk to us about your documents, please contact us for further information.

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