About Us

Director & trainer,
Pamela Jones BA, BPhil.Ed, M.Ed. MA

The Write Way’s principle trainer is Pamela Jones; she has over 20 years’ experience working with groups and documents in educational, business and public sector settings. Pamela is passionate about plain English and runs the writing skills trainings with enthusiasm, ensuring that they are hands-on, interactive and enjoyable. Because she is not part of a large organisation, she is also able to make sure that her training is relevant by adapting content, building rewriting and re-structuring exercises on participants’ own documents and offering individual feedback.

Whatever you need to write, Pamela can demonstrate easy-to-learn techniques that will help you write naturally and fluently.

The Write Way Courses Include:

  • Plain English

  • Writing Reader-Friendly Letters

  • Plain Legal Writing

  • Grammar for accurate documents

  • Customer Service Letters

  • Writing Clear Policies And Procedures

  • Writing Effective Business Documents

  • Report Writing

  • Writing Effective Audit Reports

The Write Way workshops have helped writers in a wide variety of organisations: insurance; commerce; engineering; the legal profession;charities, housing associations and local governments.


The Write Way Aims To Help Organisations And Their Employees:

  • Produce Clear, Accurate and Appropriate Documents

  • Become More Effective Through The Information They Produce

  • Gain Confidence in Their Writing Skills and Enjoy The Writing Process

A clear writing style saves the organisation time and money and enhances public image; poorly written letters, manuals and reports do not convey a high level of professionalism.