The positive feedback we receive from participants is the best thing about running our writing training courses.
Employers see the benefits straight away when employees start writing more fluently and naturally.

A Selection Of Participant Feedback On The Write Way Workshops

“Really enjoyable! I was dreading it, but it was the most useful two days’ training I have had since I started working here. Really relevant to my work. Thank you.”

Brian Johnson

“The trainer’s enthusiasm was infectious. I haven’t thought about the language I use since I left school – a really thorough and useful course. I was pleased with learning how to structure reports and very pleased with recommendations and strategies.”

Julia PartridgeKelda Group, 22 Sept 2009

“This course has helped me to look at the words I use and to think about the relationship between the writer and the reader.”

Jennifer DaddonHarrods, 19 August 2009

“I was pleased with the course because I learnt how to construct a customer service letter/ e-mail without adding unecessary fancy extras and I enjoyed the personal examples.”

Anthony JohnHarrods, 20 August 2009

“Useful, informative and enjoyable. Thank you. I liked seeing how to show the reader that you are also an individual, not just sending an automated reply.”

P ClementHarrods, 20 August 2009

“One of the most useful courses I have ever done. I would happily recommend your courses to everyone working in local authorities. Thank you for making the day so much fun as well as informative.”