Letter Writing Training Programmes

In a few easy-to-learn steps we can show you how to write clear, concise and correct letters.

Why Employees Need Letter Writing Training

This Course Is Designed For

Anyone who has to write letters at work. Very few individuals are fortunate enough to have a highly developed natural writing style and few of us receive help with writing in a work context.

None of us feel very confident when faced with a blank piece of paper or monitor. And very few of us have received any real help with how to write. For this reason, many of us use an overly rigid style when writing formally. This creates an alienating tone on the page, and the reader does not receive the impression that the writer or their organisation is helpful or personable.

What You Gain From Our Writing Training Courses

We show your employees several easy-to-learn techniques to help them write clear, concise and convincing letters.

Your organisation is presented in a professional, well-organised and human way.

Course Content

The professional letter writing course can be modified to meet the specific needs of your organisation, for example, we can focus on dealing with complaints, customer service letters, standard letters etc.

Successful Letter Writing Essentials

  • Identifying And Addressing The Reader

  • Tone And Voice

  • Word Choice

  • Maintaining The Reader’s Interest

  • Sentence Construction

  • Convincing And Persuading Techniques

Clear Letter Writing

  • Being Concise: Avoiding Redundant Words and Phrases

  • Creating Subject Driven Sentences

  • Using Plain English: The ‘Fog’ Factors

  • Writing To Be Understood

Quality Letter Writing

  • Grammar: Avoiding 15 Common Errors

  • Apostrophes, Using Punctuation Marks Properly

  • Rules: When to Follow, When to Ignore

Appropriate Letter Writing Styles

  • Voice: Active And Passive

  • Extremes and Concrete Language

  • Tone: Positives and Negatives

  • Design Factors, Presentation and Layout

  • Expressions: Formal and Informal

Letter Writing Exercises

We try out the techniques using participants’ own letters.


In-company, for groups of ten or more participants, the fees work out at approximately £160 per person per day, with a lower daily participant rate for larger groups.

We can also work on your company documents in our offices or with you on a one-to-one basis at an agreed hourly rate. Please Contact Us for further information.

See what you can learn from the Writing Effective Letters training course