Plain English Training

Millions of working hours are lost each year because of poorly written documents.

Think of that in terms of cost, and you may see why your organisation would benefit from adopting plain English in all company documents.

So Why Do We Need To Take Plain English Training

Because a plain English writing style has so many advantages, it is difficult to list them all briefly.

But the reasons are mainly common sense.
If your clients and customers have to read your letters twice to make sense of the contents, or if they have to make a telephone call to clarify the contents, this not only takes up valuable working time, but also alienates your clients.

Moreover, a plain English style that is easy to understand immediately creates a better impression on the reader. The writer and their organisation appear friendly and helpful.

Basically, a plain English style makes sense.

This plain English writing course is designed for:

Anyone who has to write formal work-based documents, for example, customer service letters, standard letters, brochures, reports, procedures and end-user manuals etc.

What We Cover On The Plain English Training Programme

We show your employees, in a few easy-to-learn steps, how to create documents that are:

Reader-Friendly (Because they are Easy to Understand).
Positive in the impression they Create.
Easy to Write.

Plain English Course Outline

  • The Importance of Plain English

  • Identifying The Reader

  • Helping The Reader

  • Sentence Construction, Punctuation

  • Nouns & Verbs

  • Language Myths

  • The Impact of Word Choice & Register

  • Plain Words

  • Sentence Length, Complexity and Balance

  • Tone and a Plain English Style

  • Active & Passive Voices

  • Positives

  • Layout, Fonts and Readability

  • Exercises and Practice Tasks, Plain English Re-Writing Exercises

  • Participants’ Own Documents, Plain English Re-Writing Exercises

Plain English Writing Course Costs

In-company, for groups of ten participants, the fees are approximately £165 per person per day, with a lower daily participant rate for larger groups.

We can also work with you one-to-one on your documents at an hourly rate of £85.

If you would like to book a plain English writing course, or talk to us about plain English training or plain English editing for your documents, please Contact Us for further information.

We will treat all of your documents in the strictest confidence.

See what you can learn from the plain English writing training course