Procedures Writing Training Programmes

Whether your written procedures are for your employees, or in the form of instructions for using your product, they need to be clear and easily understood.

We can show your teams how to produce effective and clear instructions. As one example for industry, guidelines soon to be published by the Health & Safety Executive contain several pages devoted to the writing of procedures.

This Course is Beneficial For

Anyone who writes or oversees operating procedures, instructions and end-user manuals.

Course Duration

On the one-day course we look at basic principles of writing clearly.
On the two-day course we look in detail at the company’s procedures and spend time applying the writing techniques to the participants’ documents.

What You Gain

Your employees learn how to produce clearly written procedures; the users of the documents save time and effort; and you can be sure that your functions are operating safely and efficiently.

Course Outline

Our Two-Day Course In Writing Effective Procedures Covers

  • Organisation and Logic

  • Chunking Information

  • Using Icons

  • Using Plain English

  • Headings and Layout to Identify Separate Steps

  • Selecting an Appropriate font Size and Background

  • Using the Active or Command Form for Verbs

  • Using Illustrations and Diagrams

In the workshop we also spend time working on your company’s own documents to make sure that the procedures are not ambiguous and can be understood by a non-expert user.


In-company, for groups of ten participants, we charge approximately £165 per participant per day.

We can also work with you one-to-one on your procedures at an hourly rate.

If you would like to book a procedures writing course, or talk to us about your documents, please Contact Us for further information.