Trainer Writing Courses

If your organisation has a training team, we can train your trainers to run effective writing courses.

To help your employees write naturally and fluently and adhere to a house style, we can develop appropriate writing training materials for your training team to deliver in-company. We spend three days on site with your team to make sure that they are comfortable with the exercises, acetates or PowerPoint materials and offer full support, in person, on the telephone or by e-mail.

Why Do We Need To Run Writing Courses In My Organisation?

Documents that are poorly written and unclear waste valuable working hours.

They create unnecessary enquiries, antagonise customers and clients and do not make a positive, professional impression.

We can show your trainers several easy-to-follow writing principles that they will be able to present to their colleagues. This will help your employees write more efficiently and effectively.

What We Do

To Develop Relevant Writing Course Material For Your Trainers To Deliver, We

  • Analyse Your Company Documents

  • Present The Acetates And Exercises To Your Training Team

  • Think About Who Your Target Readers And Clients Are

  • Offer On-Going Support During The First Few Sessions

  • Develop Appropriate Writing Training For Your Different Departments


The cost for developing in-company training materials depends on the size and complexity of your organisation’s standard documents. Our charges are very reasonable and include full trainer support and a company style handbook for all employees. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss using this service, and we will then be able to give you an idea of the cost.